Rundle Physiotherapy

About Us

Welcome to Rundle Physiotherapy! Our main goal is to keep you living the life you love. Our experienced therapists will provide you with a hands on assessment that will guide your personized treatment program.

Our therapists will use a variety of treatment techniques, depending on the problem and the patient. These may include IMS treatment, Acupuncture treatment, taping techniques, Orthotics, or electric modalities and will always include manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. At Rundle Physiotherapy, we believe that one of the biggest keys to your rehabilitation is empowering you with the knowledge of what your condition is, what it requires to get better and how to keep yourself in your best physical form to prevent future injury.

We will collaborate with your health care team, whether that is your physician, massage therapist, specialist, fitness instructor, chiropractor, etc. to ensure that you are receiving the best comprehensive health care.

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!